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Bloggers and other website owners who love Logic of English and want to share it with others are invited to apply to the LOE Affiliate Program! Affliliate links permit those who own a website to generate traffic for businesses they wish to promote and generate additional profit for their own websites. The program is free to join, and anyone who is interested in promoting Logic of English® on a blog or website is invited to apply.

How Does It Work?

We provide a variety of banners and text links that you may use to link to our site. When viewers click one of the links, they will be directed to our website and our affiliate software will track any subsequent sales. You will earn a commission on sales directed to Logic of English from your site. Our software tracks usage for one month after a reader clicks the link, so you will earn a commission even if someone reads about LOE on your blog and then purchases at a later time. All affiliate link activity is tracked automatically by our affiliate software. You can log into your account 24 hours a day check your sales, traffic, account balance, and link activity.

Why Do I Need to Apply?

Everyone is welcome to apply to our Affiliate Program; the application process involves submitting the link to your website, your contact information, and a few other details about your site for us to review. We must approve your application before you can join the program, and we reserve the right to terminate any affiliate's account at any time. Our aim is to partner with anyone whose site relates to literacy, linguistics, education, homeschooling, or other subjects related to the mission of Logic of English and who desires to share and promote our work.

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Program Details

Commission Type Pay-Per-Sale 15% for each sale you deliver.
Payout Requirements $50.00 USD Minimum balance required for payout.
Payout Duration Payments are made once per quarter (3 months), for the previous quarter.